The Curriculum

Currently, the Linder Institute offers three different training programs:

Course 1.
Training in WTO conventions.

The Linder Institute has established an excellent cooperative relationship with all entities in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Two of the initiators of the WTO have accepted positions as expert lecturers. The course is designed for officials in various Chinese government departments as well as for relevant departments and enterprises in provinces and municipalities.

Course 2.
Corporate governance training.

Switzerland's corporation laws impose strict accountability guidelines on company directors and executives, and the country has a longstanding tradition of ethics in business. In cooperation with VR-Akademie AG, the Linder Institute will offer courses for individuals preparing to play
key roles in the corporate world as members of a board of directors or as chief executive officers in China.


Course 3.
Banking practices training.

The Linder Institute is currently negotiating joint seminars and curricula with reputed educational institutions in order to accommodate Chinese financial experts wishing to familiarize themselves with all aspects of banking in markets outside China, including internationally established practices. Switzerland is recognized around the world for its banking and financial expertise and for the strict qualifications which it demands of banking employees.

Course locations and fees
The courses can be held in Switzerland or in China, depending on the circumstan-ces and needs of the indivi-duals who enroll. The fees vary with the number of lecturers, the size of the classes, and the course location.