Management Board

The Chairman and CEO
Chairman and CEO
Anton Glanzman

Executive Directors
Theresa Ryser, Zurich
Dr. Manqiao-Wirth, Zürich
Manning Feng, Beijing

Advisory Board

Hedy Linder
(Widow of Prof. Willy Linder)

Prof. Dr. Ernst Kilgus
Professor of Business Administration and Scientific Director of the Academy for Board Members

Prof. Dr. Arnold Koller
former Swiss Federal Councillor

Dr. Heinrich Rohrer
Nobel Laureate of physics

Susan Horváth
Managing Director and Member ot the Executive Board Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Anton Glanzmann is a business consultant and public relations expert. He is also founder and managing director of VR-Akademie AG, an academy specialized in preparing individuals for their role as responsible board members of national and international corporations.

In the meantime, Mr. A. Glanzmann has forged active contacts with the Institute's Chinese partners and has assured that VR-Akademie
AG will participate in reaching the Institute's goals.

He is also confident that the Swiss Banking School will make a decisive contribution to enriching the Linder Institute's curriculum.

Mr. A. Glanzmann was appointed Chairman and CEO of the Linder Institute in August 2001.